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Place : Palathinkadavu
Parish: St. Joseph’s Church Palathinkadavu
Established Year: 1982
AddressPalathinkadavu, Kacherikadavu P.O Kannur Dist, Kerala.
Pin: 670706
Phone: 0490 2519234

The Nazareth Sisters started their convent on 30th  December 1982 at Palathinkadavu under the jurisdiction of Kunnoth Forane church of Tellicherry Archdiocese. Palathinkadavu is situated on the outskirts of the forests of Karnataka and Kerala. Initially the transportation facility was highly unsatisfactory. The nearest bus stop was at a distance of 15 kilometers from the convent. The journey along the winding and bumpy roads was a near-death experience.

There were no travelling facilities or vehicle services. It was a great sacrifice for the people to live there, without basic facilities and fighting against wild animals. Sisters motivated them to a spiritual life. Consequently, the parishioners have built an extraordinarily beautiful church with their labour of love. The orphanage at Palathinkadavu is the symbol of the team spirit and generosity of the people of the locality.

         The Sisters look after the children of the Balikabhavan. Apart from this, the sisters play an active role in all the other activities of the parish. The main ministries involve literacy programmes, guiding the spiritual organizations, house visits etc.

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