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Place : Odenthode
Parish: St. Sebastian’s Church Odenthode
Established Year: 1987
AddressOdenthode, Manathana P.O: Pin-670677 Peravoor, Kannur Dist, Kerala.
Pin: 670677
Phone: 0490 2446618

The village Odenthode is in the Northern part of Manathana in the Archdiocese of Tellicherry. The Government owned Aralam farm is only 3 kms. away from Odenthode.

          The Nazareth sisters started a convent at Odenthode on 4th July 1987. Initially the transportation facilities painted a grim picture as the area was isolated. However, over the years it has improved and presently the service is satisfactory. Lately, the Government has provided land for the tribal people in the vicinity of Odenthode.

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